Arcadia. Petr Antonov

Installation view: Ekaterina Foundation, Moscow

Presented at Ekaterina Foundation in Moscow in 2023, Arcadia is the result of five years of exploration of post-Soviet neighbourhoods carried out by Anastasia Tsayder

The project looks for the pastoral Arcadia in the centrally-planned Soviet modernist neighbourhoods. The uniformly designed residential areas are being absorbed by urban vegetation seeking to return to its natural state. Free from human control, the plants create voids, “non-places” in the urban fabric, allowing for one to feel freedom from social pressure and supervision at least for a while. The utopian socialist garden city turns into an urban jungle. 

The exhibition at Ekaterina Foundation including photographic prints, ligthboxes, video and sclulpture is the result of the artist’s five years' work spanning the cities of Apatity, Bishkek, Vladivostok, Kursk, Minsk, Moscow, Osh, Riga, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Tashkent, Tolyatti.